Group & Event Venues

  1. Amenities

    Learn about the amenities located at Oakland Park including a dump station, full hookups, pavilions, and more.

  2. Events

    Every year there are festivals held at Oakland Park including the Fall Bluegrass Festival and Glen Rose Fall Festival.

  3. Local Attractions

    Check out local attractions during your visit to Oakland Park including Dinosaur Valley State Park, the Big Rocks Park, and more.

  4. Meeting Buildings

    Learn about meeting buildings available for rent at Oakdale Park including the Pavilion, Outdoor Kitchen, the Hangrout, the Convention Center, and various picnic shelters.

  5. Oakdale Park News

    Sign up for updates on the latest Oakdale Park news and events.

  6. Our Partners

    Read about the Oakdale Park partners including Passport America, Good Same Club, and Texas Campgrounds.

  7. Park History

    Oakdale Park originally opened on May 1, 1925 offering to the public bungalows, cottages, campsites, and more.