Historic Courthouse Square

About the Historic Area
The Historic Courthouse Square in Glen Rose provides an opportunity to almost step back in time to a more relaxing and simpler time. The Courthouse was built in 1893 and the community has grown up around it.

Downtown squares and especially courthouse squares were the heart and soul of small town America. It was no different in Glen Rose with movie theaters, restaurants, most retail stores and offices all located within walking distance of each other. Today, the Glen Rose Courthouse Square features several specialty shops and museums. The Courthouse is within in easy walking distance to restaurants and even an historic inn.
Bronze Statue
One of the 1st things a visitor is sure to notice on the Courthouse Square is a bronze statue, titled “Barnard’s of the Brazos – First Family of Glen Rose." The bronze pays tribute to Charles and Juana Barnard, who were the founding patriarchs of Glen Rose.

The bronze was sculpted by noted Glen Rose artist Robert Summers. He also created the John Wayne statue for John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, as well as other major works of art located around the country.
Bronze statue of the Barnards of the Brazos