1. Barnard's Mill & Art Museum

    Barnard’s Mill was the 1st permanent structure in the Glen Rose area. Today, Barnard’s Mill is a historic landmark and art museum.

  2. Big Rocks Park

    Located on the Paluxy River, Big Rocks Park is a full of unusually large rocks.

  3. Creation Evidence Museum

    Visitors to the Creation Museum of Texas can explore the scientific evidence that the earth and universe were created by special design. With collections of ancient artifacts, fossils, footprints in stone, and a 25 foot long (1/20th scale) replica of Noah's Ark, our guests' visit will be a unique experience.

  4. Dinosaur Valley State Park

    Located just northwest of Glen Rose, the Dinosaur Valley State Park covers just over 1,500 acres and offers an abundance of outdoor opportunities.

  5. Dinosaur World

    For the young paleontologists, Dinosaur World offers 20 acres of walkways that feature life-size dinosaurs and an impressive fossil dig where children can search for authentic fossils.

  6. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

    If you want to see amazing animals, take a drive through Fossil Rim Wildlife Center or take a guided tour where you can view and feed the animals through Fossil Rim’s safari vehicles.

  7. Historic Courthouse Square

    Take some time and visit our historic Courthouse Square. Built in 1893, the charming square features museums, historic inns, restaurants, and shopping that everyone will enjoy.

  8. Oakdale Park

    The Oakdale Park features camping sites, cabins for rent, bluegrass festivals, a swimming pool, and more.

  9. Somervell County Expo Center

    The Somervell County Expo Center and Amphitheatre is a premier location for exciting equestrian events and cattle futurities, industry tradeshows, award-winning performances, and an intimate wedding venue.

  10. Squaw Valley Golf Club

    Squaw Valley Golf Club features 36 holes and is consistently rated as one of the top courses in the state.

  11. The Promise

    What began as a passion play has become an exciting, live musical drama, a Texas tourist destination, and a powerful testimony to the entire world. Utilizing an award-winning musical score, live animals, and a cast and crew of more than 200, The Promise is sure to be the most memorable theater experience of a lifetime!

  12. Attractions

    Take family and friends to visit the Dinosaur Valley State Park, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and other attractions in the Glen Rose area.