Convenience Station

Beginning June 30th the City of Glen Rose Citizen Convenience Station MSW #120146 located at 1106 Hereford Street will be open the last Saturday of the month from 8:00 a.m. until noon and on Fridays by appointment.  

For use of this facility:

1. Only for use by residents of the City of Glen Rose.
2. City of Glen Rose water bill and photo ID required.
3. Open last Saturday of the month from 8:00 a.m. until noon and on Fridays by appointment.
4. Residential Type IV household waste such as furniture, limited building materials, and yard waste accepted.
5. The following wastes are NOT ACCEPTED:   Putrescible wastes, commercial building materials, asbestos, appliances and equipment with refrigerants, medical waste, tires, batteries, chemicals, electronics, paint, liquid waste, industrial waste, and special wastes.
6. Commercial and industrial users and collection vehicles are prohibited.
7. Waste must be deposited in the roll off container.

For more information about what types of refuse are accepted, please CLICK HERE and view items listed.  See column labeled "Type IV Municipal Solid Waste Landfill 2"

For more information about this facility, please see the flyer call City Hall at (254) 897-2272  

FAQ: (We will add to as we receive more calls with questions)

Q: What do we do if we live in an apartment and do not receive a water bill? 

A: Those who live in apartments in the city that may not receive electric bills, may bring their drivers license or ID along with another form of identification or bill that provides an address.